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Would you like to join the next industrial revolution in Norway?


Remember the Kyoto Agreement? So do we.

Based on a proven technology, we are eager to take part in saving the globe. Our markets and targets are international, initially focusing on UK, Germany, Spain and USA, but also locally in Norway. Our clients will typically be industries where their production generates heat.

We are determined to succeed in our purpose of making Green Energy Available for Everyone, and we know that this will demand a lot of us. But together, driven by our passion and determination, unified in our caring and enthusiasm - we will make it happen! Nothing big has ever been created without a passion and enthusiasm. We believe that enthusiasm is contagious, and that through a shared passion and enthusiasm in what we do, we can all give some "extra energy" and make a positive difference to our surroundings, colleagues and business partners every day.

The role is a newly created position

You will be responsible for planning and implementing grant programs from its application to approval and utilization. The most crucial part of the job is to identify potential grant support from government agencies, foundations, and corporations to meet the financial and operational needs of the organization. 

You should have the ability to perform grant research, grant writing, grant program design and implementation, compliance and grant reporting. You also need to provide clear communication of proper rules and regulations for approving grants, its specifications, requirements, and objectives across all departments of the organization and the management. It requires a methodological and analytical approach of a grant manager to meet such requirements.

Success will be reached through understanding our clients’ businesses and uniqueness and presenting this in application documents and processes, resulting in grants provided to both our clients and also Kyoto for our R&D programs.


The right candidate?

If you are the right candidate, you have excellent project management skills with experience in managing and supervising administrative projects. Preferably, you also have knowledge about various grant programs in Europe within the (renewable) energy market. You should also have strong ability to connect and interact with governmental organization and grant givers by having excellent interpersonal and presentation skills. You need to have strong command over written and verbal communication.

To succeed in Kyoto Group, you have to be a team-player, have high working capacity and be solution oriented. We have a “Yes we can”-attitude! There is a lot of potential to think big and out of the box, and Kyoto Group wants to be leading player in the thermal storage market.

Our head office is located in Oslo, Norway. Our working language is English, and you have to be fluent in both oral and written. Do you also have a knowledge of Spanish or German, will this be a great advantage for you in this position.


Would you like to join the next industrial revolution in Norway?

Then we look forward to hearing from you. You may show your interest either by clicking “apply” and upload your cv and an application text, or by contacting our advisors from The Assessment Company. We look forward to hearing from you.

About us

Kyoto is a Norwegian company founded in 2016, with the aim to develop solutions to capture and manage the abundant energy from renewable energy sources and apply it to reduce the CO2 footprint for industrial process heat. We are passionate about making a positive difference in the world and through our technology, making a considerable contribution to the Green Shift. At Kyoto we are all therefore driven by the same purpose; Green Energy Available for Everyone!

Kyoto is listed at Euronext Growth Oslo.


Kyoto launched the «Heatcube» in 2020. «Heatcube» is a thermal battery, enabling industrial consumption of low-cost heat sourced from excess solar and wind energy (excess meaning low priced electricity). Kyoto has developed their own energy management system, Kytopia SCADA to operate the «Heatcube». Kyoto Group has a strong financial position and board members with broad experience from large Norwegian and international companies. Everything is in place to create a new Norwegian industrial adventure.

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