Tuesday, 14th of March at 9:05 am    

Grand Hôtel, Stockholm, Sweden

Naventus Renewables Summit


Generating renewable energy creates far lower emissions than burning fossil fuels. Transitioning from fossil fuels, which currently account for the majority of emissions, to renewable energy is key to addressing the climate crisis. At this event, you can listen to presentations from leading companies within the Renewables sector and their contributions to a less carbon-intensive and more sustainable future. 

Kyoto Group will present at Naventus Renewables Summit, March 14th, 2023, at Grand Hôtel. CEO Camilla Nilsson will be a speaker at 9:05 am.

The event is arranged by Naventus together with Nordnet, Nasdaq, Setterwalls and Deloitte. 

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Naventus Renewables Summit 2023:

  • Who: Kyoto CEO Camilla Nilsson

  • What: A live event hosted by Naventus & Partners 

  • Time: Tuesday, March 14th at 9:05 am CET

  • Where: Spegelsalen, Grand Hôtel, Stockholm, Sweden

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