Kyoto Group Capital Markets Day 2023

Heatcube: Redefining the Energy landscape

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

Embark on an exceptional journey with us, guided by the distinguished tech industry luminary, TV2 Magnus Brøyn. With his extensive expertise and unwavering credibility, Magnus showcased the revolutionary Heatcube Thermal Energy Storage solution, leading us towards a sustainable energy revolution.

Holding our event at this renowned art museum was no mere coincidence. It's a tribute to our founder's history, where they once provided refuge to the artist Pushwagner during trying times. In gratitude, Pushwagner became one of Kyoto's earliest investors. This meaningful connection between art and our core values exemplifies the unique tapestry that weaves our past into our present.

Catch up on all the engaging talks, presentations and product demonstrations from Kyoto's leadership team.

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