Last night, process heat was cheap

Charge a Heatcube and use it now!

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Use electricity to charge a thermal battery in off-peak hours to decarbonize process heat, cut cost and lead the way as a net zero supplier.

Charged with molten salt

Charge and discharge heat in the form of steam, using molten salt. The world's most mature thermal storage medium.

Long lasting thermal battery

Few moving parts, and predictable degradation over time makes expected lifetime of Heatcube 20-30 years. 

Converts electricity into heat

Heatcube uses a well known resistive heater technology, and stores energy from heat at up to 90% efficiency.

Plug and play

Heatcube can produce saturated or superheated steam, according to customer requirements, and plug into existing pipes currently in place at your site.

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This is what it means to decarbonize


Why molten salt?

As a liquid, molten salt has a high volumetric capacity. It can hold a lot of heat, without taking up too much space. And it can do so without the risk and cost associated with highly pressurized steam vessels, while being non-flammable and non-toxic.

Commercially proven

Molten salt is currently the most mature technology for thermal storage at high temperatures. Compared to latent and thermochemical solutions, sensible heat storage with molten salt is a commercially proven technology for high temperature heat storage.

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Balancing the grid is a value


Provide value to TSO

More and more renewable energy sources are coming online, while stable fossil fuels are being phased out. This increases the value of grid stabilization. Charging a Kyotos Heatcube during off peak hours is not only shielding your business from price volatility. It also means power companies are receiving a service from you.

Negotiate a better PPA

A Heatcube charged at off peak hours offsets the need for investment in grid infrastructure to handle peak demand. This also makes transmission system operators' job of balancing the grid, easier.  When negotiating a power purchase agreeement, this is a bargaining chip for your company.

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Renewable choice for steam 

Ready for implementation

Many technologies are still being developed to deal with the need for renewable energy. Some solutions are more than a decade off in development, and maybe longer for commercial use. Kyoto Heatcube is ready to supply process heat for industry now.

Steam not jetfuel

Some fuels, like green hydrogen and green ammonia are better suited to supply the needs of transport and aviation. Lithium-ion batteries are very efficient for power companies and cars. None of these are likely to ever generate process heat. Electrification is the way forward.


We are just getting started!

Get a glimpse of our technology development plan and join us on the way.

  • 2020

    Technology verification
    Transformed to test site for R&D

  • 2022

    First commercial product

  • 2022

    Released for sales Q4 2022

  • 2023

    Heatcube installation (NJV)
    First full-scale proof of technology



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R&D test center


Home of our pilot project. A thermal battery with molten salt and our own SCADA system Kyotopia. 

The pilot serves as base for future development and testing as we scale the capacity and load of Kyoto Heatcube™.


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Tech Center


A center for development, operations and maintenance. Our team of engineers with extensive experience in steam generation and molten salt, work to continuously develop our technology and supply an increasing demand for thermal energy in Europe. 


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Company presentation


Explore our vision, mission, and values as we showcase our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.
Discover how we're shaping the future of industrial heat with our thermal batteries and explore what makes Kyoto Group and Heatcube unique. 

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