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A lot of people are worried about climate change. Left unchecked, global warming may disrupt the lives of billions of people, our ecosystem, our food supply and the economy. Not just for some, but entire nations. Not just in the near future. But for generations. That is why our generation is called upon to make life on earth sustainable. For people now living. And the people yet to be born.

What can one factory do?

Or a single person? Pay more CO2-tax, work harder for less and hope to avoid disaster? Those are not choices, and certainly not much of a battle cry. We cannot expect people or industry to rally behind a cause, before solutions feel possible to choose. That is why we need to make solutions to global warming, a better choice than fossil fuels ever were.

No tank holds the wind, we need to charge batteries.

More and more renewable energy sources are coming online. But what will it take for industry to embrace variable energy sources? No tank holds the wind. We don’t control the weather. The wind may spin a wind turbine blade, and the sun may shine on a solar cell. That energy only exists then and there. We either use it or lose it. This is the most important systemic consequence of shifting to renewable energy. We need to bring our own battery function, if industries are to be expected to make the choice of “going green.”

We make renewable energy an easy choice.

This is what Kyoto Group is doing. We’re building a thermal battery to give industry that choice. Heat made without fire, just electricity. When electricity is cheap. Half of industrial energy consumption is used to make heat. And nearly all of it now comes from fossil fuels. We are making thermal solutions to fix a thermal problem. We are giving industry the heat they need, using nothing but electricity. As an easy choice. In a stable, sustainable and secure way. That is why the people now working at Kyoto Group, and the people yet to come, have a luxury. 

The feeling of actually doing something useful to prevent the threat of global warming.

“No tank holds the wind. We don’t control the weather. The wind may spin a wind turbine blade, and the sun may shine on a solar cell. That energy only exists then and there. We either use it or lose it. This is the most important systemic consequence of shifting to renewable energy.”


A world powered by Nature



Empower industries with renewable thermal energy



We are a caring company aiming to solve the world's biggest problem, and take care of our team.


Being enthusiastic creates enthusiasm for what we need to succeed. More than identifying holes in the cheese.


What we are doing, has never been done before. It may be a bumpy road, but determination will see us through.

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The first beginning

It all started when our founder Jon Bøhmer moved to Nairobi, Kenya.

Read more about Jon Bøhmer’s solution for capturing solar energy and storing it for use around the clock, to supply a large amount of energy and remove a cause of climate change.

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Company presentation

Explore our vision, mission, and values as we showcase our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Discover how we're shaping the future of industrial heat with our thermal batteries and explore what makes Kyoto Group and Heatcube unique.

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Our future

This is just the beginning.

  • 2009

    Kyoto founder Jon Bøhmer won the Financial Times´ Climate Change Competition with his solar cooker Kyoto Box.

  • 2016

    Jon Bøhmer establishes the Kyoto Group.

  • 2020

    A successful pilot provided proof of concept for a molten salt thermal battery.

  • 2021

    Kyoto Group partners with Hydro and others and does an IPO. The first Heatcube thermal battery is ordered to be installed as a commercial demonstration unit. Kyoto signs the first commercial contract for the Heatcube under a battery leasing agreement with the utility Aalborg Forsyning in Denmark.

  • 2022

    Denmark, 18 MWh
    Ancillary Market participation
    District heating integration
    Kyoto Group and Hydro REIN sign MoU to develop combined renewable energy and thermal energy storage solutions for industrial players.

  • 2022-2023

    Norway & Europe
    Several Heatcube projects for various industrial clients

Board of directors

Eivind Reiten


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Thorleif Enger

Board member

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Pål Selboe Valseth

Board member

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Hans Olav Kvalvaag

Board member

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Oscar Cantalejo

Board member

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Christopher Molnar

Board member

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Management team

Camilla Nilsson

Chief Executive Officer

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Håvard Haukdal

Chief Financial Officer

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Bjarke Buchbjerg

Chief Technology Officer

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Agnieszka Sledz

Chief Project Officer

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Tim de Haas

Chief Commercial Officer

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Susanne Vinje

Chief Supply Chain & Manufacturing Officer

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Henrik Holck-Clausen

Chief People & Culture Officer

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Andrés Barros Borrero

Head of Technology Center & Country Manager Spain

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David Måhede

Head of Business Excellence & Digitization

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Giuseppe Casubolo

Chief Strategic Partnership Officer

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