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Electrify process heat using Heatcube. The thermal battery with a heart of molten salt.

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Make it zero

Charge a thermal battery to decarbonize process heat and cut cost.

Off peak electricity is cheap

Charge a thermal battery during off peak hours, and get thermal energy whenever you need. Shield your business from price volatility, CO2 taxes and grid tariffs.

Make the CO2 deadline

A thermal battery is your contribution to prevent global warming, a new license to operate when policy makers want CO2 emission to end, and a secure option for energy delivery.


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We are on a deadline to decarbonize

Heat is a component in producing almost everything we touch.

Process heat must be electrified

Right now, half of global energy demand is used to make heat. This alone contributes to 40% of CO2 emissions. Half of it can be electrified and decarbonized using technology we have today.

We must store renewables

Energy prices are soaring while the sun is shining for free. However, electricity from renewables must be stabilized, stored and without price volatility for industry to opt in.


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Introducing Heatcube

A thermal battery to solve a thermal problem. Kyoto’s Heatcube replaces oil, gas or diesel burners currently on site, and is charged using electricity. 

Plug and play

Heatcube connects to the steam pipe you are already using. Easily installed, easy to connect and scalable to your needs. A secure supply of heat in a plug and play fashion.

Ready to deploy

Thermal batteries have been developed into a mature technology over the last twenty years. As a technology they require no further research and development to be used as renewable energy storage.

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How it works

Who could benefit from Heatcube?

Any industry in need of affordable, sustainable and secure supply of  heat.

Paper, pulp and print

Heat is used to dry the pulp and heat the calendar rolls. It is also needed for recycled newsprint, specialty papers and packaging.

Chemical and petrochemical

Most of the heat is used for ammonia production by steam reforming of natural gas, steam cracking of naphtha and steam cracking of gas oil.


Cooking, preheating, washing and pasteurization are the main areas for heat demand. A big share of energy is also used for refrigeration.

Iron and steel

Steel production requires very high temperatures to heat and melt iron ore. We can save a lot of energy by pre-heating the production parts.

Non-metallic minerals

Most of the heat demand in the sector comes from cement production and requires temperatures of over 400°C.

Non-ferrous metals

Heat is used almost entirely in specific electrical processes. It is required mostly in the aluminum, copper and zinc production.

Does it pay off to switch to renewable heat?

Find out how much you can save with Kyoto's thermal storage solution.

Take the cost value test


We make green energy stable and reliable

When the wind isn’t blowing, what do you think is powering your industrial production?

We have created the Heatcube to make the energy mix greener. It uses salt and steam to connect green energy from sun and wind to industrial energy production on a large scale.

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World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024

17th JANUARY 2024, DAVOS

Kyoto will participate in the upcoming World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, on January 17th, 2024. We have been invited to contribute our expertise in a panel discussion on "Trustworthy Generative AI for the Industry." This panel is a key part of the World Economic Forum’s influential Affiliate Program.

Our CEO Camilla Nilsson will take part in a panel discussion together with representatives from Cognite, Aker BP and  Cosmo Energy Holdings.

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Pareto Securities' 26th annual Power & Renewable Energy Conference

18th JANUARY 2024, OSLO

Pareto Securities organizes its Power & Renewable Energy Conference for the 26th time!

Kyoto is among the 60 presenting companies at the conference this year. Our CEO Camilla Nilsson will tell more about Kyoto at 13:45 CET in room Skagerak.

Read more here


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Capital Markets Day 2023


Heatcube: Redefining the Energy landscape.

Kyoto Group held its Capital Markets Day on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 12:00 CET. TV2 Magnus Brøyn was showcasing the revolutionary Heatcube Thermal Energy Storage solution. The participants could expect engaging talks and presentations from Kyoto's leadership team and more. 

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FEFCO Technical Seminar 2023

Wednesday, 25th of October at 14:30 pm  
Lyon, France

Kyoto invited you to the FEFCO Technical Seminar in Lyon, a conference and trade show for the European Corrugated Industry.

Dr. Silvia Trevisan from KTH Stockholm, who is working on a project developing the Kyoto Heatcube battery, and Kyoto's CCO Tim de Haas held a presentation "Heating the Way Forward: Empowering Net-Zero Heat Generation with Thermal Energy Storage", on Wednesday, October 25, at 14:30 pm. Kyoto's Lars Martinussen was also the Spotlight Presenter on Wednesday, October 25, during Spotlight Session 1 between 11:00 am - 12:00 pm.

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Energy Storage Global Conference 2023

Thursday, 12th of October 11:35 am
Brussels, Belgium

Kyoto participated in the Energy Storage Global Conference (ESGC) 2023, organized by EASE.

Kyoto's CTO Bjarke Buchbjerg was speaking at "Energy Storage and Industry Decarbonisation", which took place on Thursday, October 12, from 11:35 am to 12:45 pm. Bjarke's presentation took about 10 minutes. He also participated in the panel and Q&A at the end of the session.

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Building Bridges 2023

Wednesday, 4th of October 13:30,
Geneva, Switzerland

Thank you for joining us at the Building Bridges event, a platform dedicated to promoting sustainable finance in Switzerland and globally.

Kyoto's CEO, Camilla Nilsson, was participating as a panelist in "Electrification: the Greatest Opportunity in Capitalism’s History?", which took place on Wednesday, 4th of October, from 13:30 to 14:30.

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vgbe Congress 2023

Thursday, 21st of September at 11:40 am - 12:00 pm  
Berlin, Germany

Step into the future of renewable energy at the vgbe Congress 2023.

Kyoto's Commercial Director Northern Europe Lars Martinussen took the stage and presented an insightful talk on "Heating the Way Forward: Empowering Net-Zero Heat Generation with Thermal Energy Storage". 

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Norbis Park Heatcube Inauguration

Tuesday, 5th of September at 12:00 pm CEST 
Live stream

On the 5th of September at 12:00 we hosted the official inauguration of Heatcube at Norbis Park (formerly Nordjyllandsværket). Experience the groundbreaking technology of Kyoto's state-of-the-art Heatcube system as it leads the way in revolutionizing industrial decarbonization.

This online exclusive event marked a key moment in our journey towards a sustainable future.

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Thursday, 24th of August  at 10:00 am CEST 
Live stream

Kyoto Group released its first half 2023 financial results, alongside a fresh business update, on Thursday, August 24, 2023 at 07:00 am CEST. 

Kyoto management presentes live the Kyoto Business update at 10:00 am CEST.

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Briefing on the strategic alliance with Iberdrola and Spirax-Sarco

Tuesday, 27th of June at 14:30 pm  

CEO Camilla Nilsson, CFO Håvard Haukdal and CTO Bjarke Buchbjerg will present live at 14:00 CEST.

Kyoto Group invites investors, analysts and media to join the live webcast presentation.

See the livestream here


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VNP Fiber Future Festival 2023

Wednesday, 7th of June at 10:30 am - 5:30 pm  
Barneveld, the Netherlands

Fascinating stories, inspiring workshops and a large portion of fun: the VNP Fiber Future Festival 2023 will be a journey through the world of sustainability and the energy supply of the future." 

Lars Martinussen and Andre Svanes, from Kyoto Group, will take you into the world of 'Heatcube': a solution for thermal energy storage. Heatcube plays a leading role in the continuous supply of heat generated from renewable energy.

Read more here


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Cleantech Dealflow Webseries: LDES

Tuesday, 16th of May at 2:00 pm  

In this webseries Cleantech Scandinavia brings keynote speakers representing leading companies in the energy and utilities sector to share why they believe LDES is a strategic area for our future in order to achieve climate targets." 

This session will also include the Executive Director of the LDES Council, who will share the landscape of the sector and moderate the panel discussion with the keynote speakers.

Following the keynote session there will be a showcase of 4 Nordic companies working in LDES solutions including Kyoto Group's CEO Camilla Nilsson.

Read more here


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Kyoto Group joins The United Nations Global Compact

Kyoto Group CEO Camilla Nilsson explained,"One of the key areas of focus for the UN Global Compact is climate action, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. Thermal storage will have a significant impact on this goal by enabling the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, which are intermittent in nature." 

Kyoto Group can play a vital role in helping businesses to achieve their sustainability goals and contribute to the UN Global Compact's efforts to promote sustainable and responsible business practices. Therefore, SDG #7, Affordable and Clean Energy, and SDG #9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, are of the utmost importance and will be Kyoto’s primary focus.

Read more on our sustainability news


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Live Business Update


Kyoto Group released the 2022 financial results alongside a fresh business updates on Monday, April 24, 2023.

CEO Camilla Nilsson, CCO Tim de Haas and CFO Håvard Haukdal presented live the Kyoto Business update.

Catch-up on the recording and Annual Report


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SHE Conference 2023


Kyoto Group CEO Camilla Nilsson spoke at the SHE Conference. 

Camilla Nilsson was a speaker during the "#ENERGY# Fuelling the Clean Transition, Green and Diverse - Goals, Barriers, the Hacks" session at 3:30 pm on the OCEAN & ENERGY stage.

Read more and catch up



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The Heatcube Whitepaper

The world is on fire. Every day we use energy to heat things, in order to make things.

Read the research by Dr. Silvia Trevisan from the KTH Royal Institute of Stockholm about how to decarbonize process heat.

Download the Heatcube Whitepaper


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Join LDES for the report launch and panel discussion with LDES Council members including Kyoto. 9th of November, 16:00 EET (GMT+2). 

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Capital Markets Day 2022


Market breakthrough with proven technology...

Kyoto Group held its Capital Markets Day on Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 02:00 pm CEST. We launched Heatcube 2.0 generation, heard to two special guest speakers and updates from the management.

Register to get the recording and the presentations: 

Watch and download here


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Energy Storage Global Conference 2022


Kyoto Group CEO Camilla Nilsson will be a speaker during the "Transformation and Evolution of Existing Infrastructure for Renewables and Storage" session on Day 3 of the event - 13th October at 3:10 pm

Read more



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Report by Aurora Energy Research

Heat accounts for almost half of global final energy consumption and contributes about 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Read the research by Aurora Energy Research, commisioned by Kyoto Group, on the market potential for electrified thermal energy.

Download the Aurora Energy Research Report



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