Kyoto's transatlantic dialogues, Hungarian milestones and more!

By Camilla Nilsson, 29. Feb 2024

From Washington D.C to Bilbao!

As we step further into the year, we continue to mark our presence on the global stage, shaping the future of renewable energy with exciting milestones and partnerships! In February, we travelled to Washington to advocate for the Thermal Energy Storage Industry. Additionally, our commercial project with KALL Ingredients in Hungary achieved a significant milestone, and we were interviewed by ABC, one of Spain's largest newspapers.

We are already making plans for March – Kyoto will speak at two conferences! But before that, let's take a look at our journey this month.



Kyoto went to Washington D.C.!

Future Cleantech Architects and Breakthrough Energy held a session in Washington D.C., thanks to the invitation from EU Trade and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. The session's title was "Accelerating the scale-up of technologies in a transatlantic context – Thermal energy storage and industry", and innovators like Kyoto Group were invited to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the sector.

“If the public sector asks us technology providers with commercially available technologies what they can do to accelerate roll-out, the answer is obvious (after also building out the grid, of course) => Incentivize the demand side! Make it expensive to pollute, and cheap for the industry to electrify. It’s not more difficult than that,” says our CEO Camilla Nilsson.

Thank you Future Cleantech Architects and Breakthrough Energy for putting this on the agenda! Read more on our LinkedIn:

Read Camilla's takeaways from the US visit


Iberdrola and Kyoto

The best seasoning for energy storage

Andrés Barros Borrero, general director from Kyoto Iberia, recently shared his insights on how molten salt batteries are the game changer we've been waiting for in energy storage in the article in Spanish ABC.

"This way I produce steam without burning gas and help balance the electrical grid when no one consumes energy," says Andrés.

Read more about it in the English translation of the article:

Read the full ABC article in English



The Hungarian project with KALL is on track!

The project's strategic Tech director, project manager, and engineers recently gathered on-site for a comprehensive engineering and 3D model review.

The collaboration was outstanding, showing the strength of our working relationship!

Exciting times ahead as we, together with KALL Ingredients, work together to decarbonize process heat and deliver the first Heatcube in Hungary. Look out for more updates in March. 

Read more on the Hungarian site visit


Heating the way forward_no shadow

New white paper: Heating the way forward

The world’s largest energy demand is for heat, primarily sourced from fossil fuels, which account for 40% of global carbon emissions.

This presents a major challenge for emission reduction and sustainable development, especially in the industrial sector, which accounts for 22% of total energy demand and is a significant CO2 emitter. The global demand for decarbonised industrial process heat is nearly 26,000 TWh annually.

But what seems to be overlooked is that this can be readily electrified today!

Kyoto Group CEO Camilla Nilsson and Commercial Director for Northern Europe Lars Martinussen assert in this white paper that electrifying heat represents the definitive path toward efficiently decarbonizing industrial process heat.

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2024 Recap: Press Releases you might have missed


MoU with Schneider Electric

Kyoto has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Schneider Electric to decarbonize and electrify industry together.

“We are pleased to welcome Schneider Electric to our strong alliance with Iberdrola and Spirax Sarco and our shared ambition to decarbonize industrial process heat together," says Camilla Nilsson.

Read more about the MoU with Schneider


4MEUR green loan with Nefco

Kyoto has signed a 4 MEUR loan agreement with Nefco - the Nordic bank to support the international scale up of its thermal energy storage offering, Heatcube.

“Kyoto is prepared for substantial commercial Heatcube deployments, supported by partnerships with esteemed financial institutions like Nefco," says Kyoto CFO Håvard Haukdal.

Read more about the loan with Nefco


Coming up in March

9Y-Anniversary_latestheader (1)

THINGS 9 Year Anniversary: Deeptech in Action

Our CEO Camilla Nilsson is going to Stockholm for a members & partners-only event hosted at AWL THINGS on KTH Campus in Stockholm on 13th March, with online access available for global participation. She will be one of the nine speakers who present real-life cases on how great companies solved a customer problem, what the results were and what they came to learn.

During her presentation, "The thermal battery with a heart of molten salt", Camilla will talk about a very important topic: decarbonizing industrial process heat. She will share insight from our journey to electrify process heat. The discussion will feature our cutting-edge Heatcube technology.

Join us online!

Find out more about the THINGS event



WindEurope's Annual Event in Bilbao

Just a few days later, Camilla Nilsson is going to Bilbao, Spain, to take part in the session "Electrifying transport, heating and industry with wind" on March 21st at 11:30.

From 20-22 March, WindEurope’s annual on- and offshore wind energy event will be heading to Bilbao for a three-day conference and exhibition. You can expect more than 12,000 attendees to join us for a look at the shape of European wind energy today. There’ll be dozens of conference sessions, hundreds of speakers, and over 500 exhibitors from the whole value chain looking to showcase their innovations and seal new deals. 

Learn more about WindEurope Annual Event

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