How to effectively decarbonize industrial process heat? Kyoto's upcoming business update and more!

By Camilla Nilsson, 26. Mar 2024

Electrifying sunbeams!

As the days are getting warmer and there is more and more sun to catch, we at Kyoto keep on going with new projects, conferences and fundings!

Next month we are going to release our Annual report and hold a business update where we will summarize 2023 and present what is yet to come. The event will be live streamed and you are welcome to join us! In the meantime, have a look at our March highlights, brochures, videos and more.


Global leader in energy management orders engineering study for Heatcube in Europe

New engineering study for Heatcube in Europe

A global leader in energy management has ordered an engineering study for a Heatcube at one of their industrial sites in Europe.

The engineering study covers a wide range of essential elements necessary for project preparation. The engineering study will start in March 2024 with the aim of entering into a commercial agreement for Heat as a Product (HaaP) by mid-2024.

"We were impressed by Heatcube's technological capabilities and it's flexibility services," says the company's senior project manager.

Discover more on the new engineering study


Kyoto shareholders Eco-system

Kyoto gets funding of NOK 39 million

We have successfully executed a directed share issue with our existing shareholders: Spirax-Sarco, Iberdrola and Klaveness Marine.

The 39 million NOK raised this way will fuel the acceleration of impending Heatcube installations. The net proceeds from the investment will be used to cover the company's liquidity needs.

“With this, we are taking another step on our funding plan, strengthening the balance sheet to execute upcoming contracts," says CEO Camilla Nilsson.

Find out more on the directed issue


Heating the way forward_no shadow-1

New white paper: Heating the way forward

We are coming in hot with the answer on how to effectively decarbonize industrial process heat.

Kyoto Group CEO Camilla Nilsson and Commercial Director for Northern Europe Lars Martinussen have collaborated on the white paper that highlights how electrifying heat is the key solution to efficiently decarbonizing industrial process heat.

The global demand for decarbonised industrial process heat is nearly 26,000 TWh annually. But what seems to be overlooked is that this can be readily electrified today!

Find out for yourself: Download the white paper



What is the missing link between renewable energy and industrial process heat?

We are so used to flicking a light switch that we forget the electricity we use is actually not stored anywhere.

There are a lot of challenges we have to face in order to reduce the CO2 emissions and electrify our industrial productions. We need to do it smarter.

Watch the full video where Kyoto CEO Camilla Nilsson explains what our solution is to those challenges and how we can make a grid that breathes.

Watch the video here



We're introducing Kyoto's DataOps platform

Our customers can now stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing energy market with AI-powered Heatcube.

We introduce real-time monitoring and control through digital innovation. Powered by Cognite Data Fusion®, Kyoto’s DataOps platform brings a new era of operational excellence, reducing operational expenses and offering state-of-theart preventive and predictive maintenance.

We have compiled all the necessary Heatcube information in a downloadable brochure where you can read about this new update.

Curious to learn more?

Download the product brochure


Coming up in April


2023 Annual report release and join our Business Update

Kyoto Group will release its 2023 financial results on Thursday, April 25th at 07:00 CEST alongside a live business update at 11:00 CEST.

Kyoto leadership team will present the latest business, technology and commercial updates and host a Q&A session.

We invite investors, analysts and media to join the live webcast presentation.

The presentation will last for about 40 minutes to one hour.

Follow the link to learn more:

Join Kyoto's Business Update


simen speaking

Simen at Energy Tech Summit in Spain

Our Director Market Intelligence Simen Bomnes Valåmo is going to speak at the Energy Tech Summit!

The event takes place in Bilbao, Spain, on April 10-11. Don't forget to secure your spot!

Learn more about the Energy Tech Summit



Bjarke presents at Battery Energy Storage Seminar

Kyoto CTO Bjarke Buchbjerg will hold the presentation about "Heatcube: the missing piece in the industrial decarbonisation" on April 24th at IMechE: Battery Energy Storage Seminar 2024 in Manchester!

His presentation starts at 15:25. Follow the link to read more and book your seat:

Learn more about the Battery Energy Storage Seminar

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