The Heatcube Whitepaper

8 things you need to know about decarbonizing process heat


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Download the research by Dr. Silvia Trevisan from the KTH Royal Institute of Stockholm. 

  • What is the largest energy demand in the world? 
  • Which sector emits more CO2?
  • Which sector uses more energy, and for what purpose? 
  • How can thermal energy storage be used to decarbonize energy consumption?
  • And at what temperatures?
  • 3 ways of storing heat.
  • How to get access to renewable energy at low cost?
  • How Heatcube can provide electrified heat at low CAPEX and low OPEX for decades?

The world is on fire. Every day we use energy to heat things, in order to make things. But Dr. Silvia Trevisan knows how to stabilize unreliable green energy, in order to decarbonize a whole industry.


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