June at Kyoto: Glentra's Major Investment and Preparing for Arendalsuka

By Camilla Nilsson, 1. Jul 2024

June was full of summer energy!

As you gear up for the summer, we bring you a blend of significant milestones and insightful updates from Kyoto. We highlight a major investment from Glentra Fund, marking a crucial step forward in our mission. Updates on the progress of our KALL Heatcube project and delve into an enlightening article explaining why steam reigns supreme in industrial production.

We're also excited to showcase Heatcube in The Solutions Explorer and announce our new venture into The Scaleup Landing Pad Hamburg. Plus, catch the highlights from Camilla Nilsson’s recent talk at Industriuka on scaling climate tech, and get a sneak peek of our upcoming engagement at Arendalsuka.

As summer begins, stay connected with these exciting developments that are shaping a sustainable future. Enjoy the reads – they’re perfect for some poolside reflection on how innovation continues to drive the green transition.


Oslo, Norway 14 June 2024_Kyoto Group_Glentra

Glentra Fund to invest NOK 286.7 million in Kyoto

Kyoto Group has entered into a transaction agreement with GF I Kiln HoldCo AS, a newly established acquisition vehicle owned by Glentra Fund I K/S regarding a directed share issue in Kyoto combined with a subsequent recommended voluntary all-cash offer for all outstanding shares of the Company. Shareholders representing a total of 73.5% of the shares in Kyoto support the Transaction, and have committed to sell their shares.

Find out more about the transaction



KALL Heatcube Check-In - Full Speed Ahead!

June Progress Update: We're making strides! The temporary road is under construction, the Heatcube's steel structure is being erected (see the picture), and the final delivery for the main structure is scheduled for this month.  

What is the KALL Project? The KALL project, an incredible partnership with KALL Ingredients Ltd., is our innovative Heat-as-a-Service (HaaS) initiative at one of Europe’s most advanced corn-processing plants in Hungary. In collaboration with our financial partner Kyotherm and energy trading partner Energiabörze Kft, we've committed to a 15-year agreement to provide sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions.  

Why is This Project Groundbreaking? The highlight of this project is the Hungarian reserve market, where our Heatcube technology's flexibility allows us to deliver steam at highly competitive prices. This project isn't just about heat delivery; it's about setting a new benchmark for industrial energy efficiency and sustainability.  

Together, we're not just envisioning the future; we're building it. Stay tuned for more updates!


Make Steam Clean

Why you should believe in the god of industrial production

It boils down to two simple facts - heat is the most important component of industrial production and it is delivered in the form of steam - it's the invisible force behind all modern products.

It makes all things in your modern life. All the processes used to transform a material into the thing you need. In our world, humans couldn’t function without steam. 

Learn what we need to do to make the toolbox of manufacturing - steam - CLEAN.

Meet the God of Industrial Production



Kyoto Heatcube featured in The Solutions Explorer

Kyoto Heatcube has been featured in The Solutions Explorer, part of the SolarImpulse Foundation. The Solutions Explorer is the result of 5 years of intensive research and analysis to find products, processes, and services that outperform their peers by protecting the world’s resources and, at the same time, staying cost-competitive for both the supply and the demand side. Taken together, these solutions have the potential to help the world fight climate change while growing our economies.

Find out more about Heatcube in the SolarImpulse


kyoto hamburg landing pad

Kyoto joins The Scaleup Landing Pad Hamburg

We are excited to announce that Kyoto Group has been selected to join the prestigious Scaleup Landing Pad Hamburg, a dynamic initiative aimed at helping international growth companies like ours expand our reach in Germany and Europe. Located in the heart of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, the program connects high-potential GreenTech businesses with key local players in sectors such as mobility, logistics, energy, advanced materials, and construction.

As part of the 2024 batch, Kyoto Group will benefit from tailored support including local ecosystem integration, market discovery, expert network access, and systemic one-on-one support. This opportunity will allow us to forge valuable connections and introduce our innovative thermal energy solutions to new markets, driving forward our mission of sustainable industrial decarbonization.

Stay tuned for more updates as we expand our footprint in Europe and continue to lead the way in GreenTech innovation!

Find out more about The Scaleup Landing Pad Hamburg



Camilla Nilsson speaking at Industriuka on scaling climate tech 

At the recent Industriuka event, our CEO, Camilla Nilsson, took the stage to discuss the pressing challenges and transformative solutions in climate technology. With global temperatures rising and emissions increasing, the need for innovative solutions like our Heatcube thermal battery has never been more critical.

Camilla highlighted how Kyoto Group is seizing opportunities to scale our technology globally, aligning with Capgemini’s strategic recommendations for scaling climate tech: 

#1 New business models

#2 Product to system integration

#3 Ecosystem integration

#4 From analog to digital

These strategies are essential as we expand our reach and impact, driving the demand for clean energy and supporting the resilience of energy infrastructure. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to revolutionize energy storage and combat climate change.

Find out more about the Industriuka


Upcoming Events


Kyoto is going to Arendalsuka!

This summer you can meet us in Arendal! Kyoto is excited to participate in Arendalsuka, Norway's premier forum for political and business discussions. Our CEO, Camilla Nilsson, will engage in key discussions, including a notable session on improving financing for green SMEs in Norway and the frontline of renewable energy in Norway.

August 13, 14:00 - 15:00 at Smalsund: Engage with us in a panel discussion organized by Coupler, where Camilla Nilsson will discuss whether traditional energy frameworks are impeding new energy innovations.

August 13, 15:30 - 16:30 at Smalsund: Join the debate on "Why Norway’s Renewable Energy Boom is Happening Everywhere But Here." With guests like Siren Sundby from Capgemini and more to come, we'll explore why despite having cutting-edge climate tech, Norwegian companies are finding more success abroad and what can be done to foster local growth. 

August 14, 16:00 - 17:00 at Symposium restaurant: Discuss "Improving Access to Financing for Green SMEs" during the session organized by Nefco, focusing on enhancing support for vital green transitions. The speakers will include Anne Mette Guerrero, Investment Adviser at Nefco, Siri Kalvig, CEO of Nysnø Climate Investments and Camilla Nilsson, CEO of Kyoto Group. 

Join us for a dynamic discussion followed by networking and refreshments. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect and contribute to shaping Norway’s green future. We look forward to seeing you there!

Find out more about Tuesday events at Arendalsuka

Find out more about the Nefco event at Arendalsuka on Wednesday

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