Kyoto expands the Heatcube expertise with four new signings


Kyoto Group keeps on growing and strengthens the team with four new signings.Pankaj Verma, Sharat Pathi, James Brown and Simen Valåmo will join Kyoto to develop and evaluate the Heatcube activities and support Kyoto's operations. 


Sourcing Manager to improve the procurement process

To help with streamlining the procurement process, Kyoto has recruited Pankaj Verma. He works as Sourcing Manager and is responsible for identification and development of new vendors to meet the project requirements and the reduction of CAPEX cost. 

Pankaj is a graduate in Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Post Graduate in Power Plant Engineering, and has over 11 years of experience in procurement planning for annual overhauling of power plants, as well as in CAPEX and OPEX procurement. Before joining Kyoto Group, Verma worked as Procurement Manager at Jindal India Thermal Power Ltd. and was looking after the procurement work for 2X600 MW Power Plant in India.


Test Lead to take care of key Heatcube processes 

Sharat Pathi joins the Kyoto team as Test Lead to evaluate and understand key processes related to the Heatcube operation, and also to contribute to the design of next generation’s heatcubes. He is passionate about green technologies which is reflected by his education and experience. Pathi has a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark where he worked on a project related to CO2 capture from cement and power plants in collaboration with FLSmidth A/S. He has over 13 years of work experience from different process industries, like oil&gas, mineral processing or cement. He worked on a heat storage device by carrying out CFD simulation at Danfoss, Denmark, and as a research and development engineer at The Quartz Corp., Norway. Sharat has also experience in process modelling using multilevel flow modelling  for Kairos Technology AS to evaluate failure modes and its consequences.


Senior Engineer to evaluate the Heatcube design 

After spending 15 years in R&D and NPD as a mechanical and electromechanical engineer, James Brown started working at Kyoto Group as Senior Engineer. His tasks include assisting in the evaluation of the current design and heater supply, and creating innovative concepts for future revisions of the heatcube. Brown worked six years as Group R&D Manager for a heater manufacturer Exheat. He got a patent granted for his product and later won an international award for technical innovation, Hazardex 2018. Brown has also a few more patents pending, used to work as a lead engineer in the current Solarsco2ol EU funded project and is a PhD candidate at KTH, working on the optimisation of electric heaters for thermal energy storage.


Business Developer to support Kyoto operations

To support Kyoto operations for strategic growth and business development opportunities, Simen Valåmo joins the Kyoto team as Business Developer / M&A Analyst. Simen holds a MSc in Energy and Environmental Engineering from NTNU and has 6 years of experience with finance, energy markets and business development from the European energy sector and process industry. Before joining Kyoto Group, he worked at the analysis house, StormGeo NENA, with expertise in energy markets and a special focus on ongoing the energy transition.

We are very glad to welcome Pankaj Verma, Sharat Pathi, James Brown and Simen Valåmo to the team and we are looking forward to working on the new exciting projects together.

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