Kyoto Group set up for growth: doubling the number of employees


The Kyoto Group team experiences rapid growth and increased interest in the company and their products from both customers and job applicants. 

“We are in a growth phase where a lot has happened during the past year. Now we are rigging the company for further increased activity by moving to new offices, hiring more people and rapidly developing our solutions, the heatcube, together with suppliers and some of the world’s most renowned experts on molten salt systems and thermal energy storage,” says CEO Christopher Kjølner at Kyoto Group.

The company now has 12 active job advertisements out, which has been well received by potential candidates.

“We have so far received more than 250 applications from incredibly talented people from Norway and abroad. The response has been overwhelming, and we look very much forward to onboard our new colleagues. We are busier than every growing our company and developing our products with partners and customers, so new talent with a passion for the ongoing energy transition are very welcome right now,” says Kjølner. 

In the beginning of September, Kyoto moved into a new office in Philip Pedersens vei 11 at Lysaker. The building is managed by Evolve, which offers a flexible office space that can grow with the company.

«We aim to be 25 full-time employees by the end of the first quarter of 2022. It was necessary for us to move to new offices to accommodate our future colleagues,» says Kjølner.

With the first thermal battery already in construction, Kyoto Group is rapidly developing its service offering to meet the growing industrial demand for heat produced by electricity amid increasing pressure to phase out fossil fuels. 


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