Kyoto starts the year with new energy!

By Camilla Nilsson, 1. Feb 2024

Here starts 2024!

We started the year with new energy – renewable, of course! January was full of events and partnership news but it is just the beginning. We participated in a podcast, got an award nominations, spoke a the World Economic Forum, and there is still more on the horizon!

So, grab a warm cup of your favourite beverage and join us to learn more about what happened in January.



Kyoto at World Economic Forum!

Recently our CEO Camilla Nilsson took the stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos where she participated in a panel discussion with John M. Lervik (Cognite), Paula Doyle (Aker BP) and Noriko Rzonca (Cosmo Energy Holdings). They were discussing and validating the trustworthiness of Generative AI for Autonomous Industry.

“Bringing AI to the Industry through the clean tech sector, represents a fantastic opportunity to leapfrog the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Energy Transition because we don’t have any legacy holding us back. We are already bringing our technology to the market, and we are bringing the technology to the Industry with AI integrated, so it’s already a fundamental part of the technology,” explained Camilla Nilsson.

Missed the live discussion? No problem! You can still watch the on-demand version and witness the insightful exchange on the role of AI in industrial transformation. Catch the session here:

Watch the WEF discussion about Generative AI



MoU with Schneider Electric to decarbonize and electrify industry together

The companies’ shared goal is driving mutual business growth while decarbonizing and electrifying industry together. The two companies aim to enter into a multi-country commercial agreement (“MCCA”) within Q1, 2024. It will cover technology development, purchase and supply of Schneider Electric products and software solutions, focusing on innovation, superior quality, and cost optimization. This will lead to growth and positive outcomes for both parties.

Schneider Electric intends to become Kyoto’s dedicated technology partner and actively participate in delivery of critical electrical equipment to Kyoto Group’s E-house and Heatcube. In addition, both will actively promote competitive solutions based on the technology from both companies to their customers and initiate joint go-to-market activities.

Read more on our strong alliance press release


Nefco site visit Heatcube at Norbis Park Feb 2023

4 MEUR green loan with Nefco

The signed green loan agreement builds on the final approval from Nefco reported by Kyoto on June 29th, 2023.

Kyoto has a funding roadmap in place to support the growth ambitions, with strong support from strategic investors and various debt instruments available for consideration. Kyoto targets 40–60 Heatcube sales during the 2024–2026 period, including direct sales to customers and partner sales.

Søren Berg Rasmussen, Investment Manager at Nefco added, “Electrifying the generation of process steam has a major positive environmental impact as it can lead to the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors. After the successful commissioning of Kyoto Group’s commercial demonstration plant and two important projects initiated in 2023, there is now a great momentum for Nefco to join in as a financier and further accelerate the company’s growth.”

Read more on the Nefco press release



Kyoto visits Klingele's facility in Werne, Germany

Exciting start to our Engineering study at Klingele’s Werne site! Enthusiasm and competence filled the room as we kicked off this journey. Our visit this week to Klingele's Werne site in Germany was nothing short of amazing!

A deep dive into the world of modern corrugated production left us with interesting insights. From the machinery to the processes, every detail matters. We took the time to verify and work on site-specific data, confirming that the Werne site is an ideal match for Heatcube (Heatcube enables Klingele to store surplus electricity and reuse it later for production if required).

The perfect fit is crucial, and we're thrilled to have found it! We’re excited for what lies ahead in the upcoming stages. If you missed the recent press release on the Term Sheet with Klingele Paper & Packaging Group, catch-up by clicking below.

Read more on the Klingele press release



RENMAD awards nomination

We are excited to announce our nominations in the RENMAD Awards, which proves our dedication and innovation in the renewable energy sector.

  • We're honored to be recognized in multiple categories:

  • Our Heatcube in Norbis Park was nominated for Project of the Year Award,

  • Kyoto as a company for Energy Storage Developer of the Year Award,

  • our Global Technology Director in the Spanish office Andrés Barros Borrero for Energy Storage Personality of the Year Award.

Your support means the world to us, and we invite you to participate in this exciting journey by casting your vote for Kyoto Group.

Visit the page to cast your vote:

Vote for RENMAD Awards


Andres on Onda Cero Spain_07

How a microwave explosion helped advance solar thermal research

Kyoto's Technology Director & General Manager Spain, Andrés Barros Borrero, joined Carlos Alsina on Spain's leading radio stations Onda Cero to explain the scientific advances for thermal storage in the solar thermal industry.

Andrés highlighted Kyoto’s role in Iberdrola’s ‘Alianza Q-Cero’ and how together we breaking down the myth of 'hard-to-abate' industries by electrifying process heat through innovative technologies like Heatcube. Don't miss this insightful discussion on decarbonizing Industry in Spain!

Read the article and listen here (Spanish audio only)



Camilla Nilsson in a Teknisk Sett podcast

Camilla Nilsson and Cognite's John M. Lervik met for the "Teknisk Sett" podcast episode where they discussed the huge challenges facing the world's industry, such as the enormously big need for decarbonization. In addition, they talked about the coming wave of an ageing workforce with relatively low computer literacy.

It seems that Kyoto and Cognite might have found smart energy solutions for Europe's industry. What is it? Check out the TU episode:

Discover more on the TU podcast with Camilla



We presented at the 26th Pareto Securities' annual Power & Renewable Energy Conference

For the 26th consecutive year, many participants were invited to learn more from the companies that will shape the renewable energy industry and energy transition going forward.

The conference welcomed industry leaders, the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy and over 60 presenting companies producing the equivalent of +30% of the European electricity demand.

"Illuminating success at the conference. We proudly showcased the fantastic strides we're making with Heatcube, unveiling a future powered by innovation, sustainability and AI. Grateful for the opportunity to share our journey and excited for the bright path ahead," added Camilla Nilsson.

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