Kyoto's November in a nutshell: Capital Markets Day highlights, commercial contracts and more

By Kyoto Group, 5. Dec 2023

Capital Markets Day and beyond: Kyoto's November in review


Although the days might be getting darker and colder, we at Kyoto don't let the autumn aura slow us down. November was the month of our Capital Markets Day at the iconic MUNCH. This event wasn't just a showcase; it was a symphony of ideas, innovation, and future strategies, setting the stage for our next steps! But we didn't stop there – we signed new commercial contracts, passed power market tests with our Heatcube at Norbis Park, got an award nomination and even were guests on a podcast.

Have a look at our November milestones.


KALL end product (1)

Major Heatcube order with Kall Ingredients

Kyoto Group has achieved a significant milestone with a EUR 6.4 million order for our Heatcube, to be deployed at one of Europe's newest corn processing plants owned by KALL Ingredients Kft. This landmark agreement, a collaboration with Kyotherm and Energiabörze, marks a significant stride in offering Heat-as-a-Service (HaaS) and balancing the grid.

"We are [...] pleased to add innovative cleantech solutions to our infrastructure that is capable of meeting the strict requirements in our industry," says Ádám Sass, Strategic Director of KALL Ingredients Kft. "Kyoto’s Heatcube will provide us with a stable, high quality and cost-effective supply of green steam and we are excited to get started with this project."

Read more on this Heatcube order here



Thank you for being with us on Capital Markets Day

Our CMD at MUNCH was nothing short of a resounding success. The event brought together thought leaders and experts, sparking a series of insightful discussions and future-focused strategies. 

A big thank you to everyone who joined physically and online to support our journey. For those who couldn't join us or wish to relive the session, the on-demand is now available on the website. Click below to watch.

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Heatcube's leap to 93% round trip efficiency

At Kyoto, we're proud to push the boundaries of thermal energy storage efficiency. We've now guaranteed over 93% round-trip efficiency for our Heatcube – a remarkable improvement from our previously announced 90%. This breakthrough marks a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable energy solutions. 

"This achievement displays the effectiveness of our thermal energy storage technology and paves the way for a future where industrial process heat is sourced from clean, renewable electricity, enabling the industry to finally decarbonize while optimizing its operational expenses. We are proud to lead the change towards a greener future," says Bjarke Buchbjerg, CTO of Kyoto Group.

Discover more on the RTE news


Heatcube successfully passed Power Market Test to provide flexibility services to the Danish electricity market

Heatcube achieves milestone in Power Market Test

We're delighted to announce a significant achievement for Heatcube at Norbis Park. Successfully passing the Power Market Test, it's now qualified to provide flexibility services to Denmark's electricity market. 

"We are excited by the prospect of integrating Heatcube into the power market. The successful test has unequivocally demonstrated the technical readiness and capabilities of this unique technology,” says Søren Gais Kjeldsen, CEO of Aalborg Forsyning.

Discover more on the Power Market Test in Denmark



Kyoto and Cognite synergize for digital innovation

We are charting new territories in digitalization and automation of renewable industrial process heat by teaming up with Cognite and their flagship product, Cognite Data Fusion®. This partnership is set to revolutionize how we operate and maintain our Heatcube, optimizing performance and cost-efficiency.

"Cognite is proud to partner with Kyoto and this expands on our strong market position as a technology provider supporting all the different actors in the future energy system," says Cognite’s President EMEA, Emmanuelle Camus.

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Aurora Energy Unplugged EP.167 Camilla Nilsson

Camilla Nilsson on Energy Unplugged

Tune into one of the recent episodes of Energy Unplugged where our CEO, Camilla Nilsson, joins Alejandro Zerain of Aurora to discuss the future of long-duration energy storage.

With her extensive background in leading multinational ventures and steering sustainable innovations, Camilla talks about the nuances of thermal energy storage, digital farming, and the competitive landscape of sustainable technologies. 

Listen to the Energy Unplugged podcast with Camilla


Kyoto Group at Capgemini awards_01

Kyoto at Capgemini Awards

As the Capgemini Nordic Sustainability Tech Award 2023 concludes, we at Kyoto Group are filled with gratitude for coming second in the top three finalists for Norway. The nomination is a testament to our commitment and innovation in sustainable technology. Being in the top 3, and earning second place alongside innovative companies like Amogy and Vow ASA is an honour in itself. Congratulations to the winner Vow ASA for their well-deserved success! 

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