Our ready-to-build month of May!

By Kyoto Group, 4. Jun 2024

As May unfolds, we at Kyoto are excited to share a bouquet of fresh developments and engagements! We share insightful articles, including an interview with our Director of Market Intelligence, Simen Valåmo, and learn about the significant force which drives our modern world.

Have a look at our presentations highlighting the reduced response time of our Heatcube and the progression of KALL Ingredients Heatcube. We are also proud to kick-start a new EU-funded project.

Join us and let's have a closer look at this month's highlights! 


Ready to build - progress update on KALL Heatcube installation

Exciting developments at KALL Ingredients in Hungary! Our innovative Heat-as-a-Service project is making significant strides, with construction underway and operations set to begin by the end of the year. This collaboration with Kyotherm and Energiabörze Kft underscores our commitment to sustainable industrial solutions.

Watch the presentation from our Business Update presentation where our CCO Tim de Haas shares the details about the project or read the summary on LinkedIn✌️.

Find out more in the Business Update presentation



Response time of < 3 seconds - Heatcube is now ready to serve all flexibility markets

When we introduce demand, we need to introduce flexibility as well. This is exactly what Heatcube is doing. And even more so with a response time less than 3 seconds.

What happens when we start the heater, open the valves and start the pump? We want to make 100% sure that we won't damage our molten salt.

It takes several minutes after turning on the heater before we see any increase in the salt temperature. This means that we are in complete control of the molten salt temperature and avoid any complications inside the heater. 

It allows us to act almost instantaneously. Find out more in the presentation by Kyoto's CTO Bjarke Buchbjerg from our Business Update.

Find out more in the Business Update presentation



Exploring the future of energy storage with Simen Valåmo

In a recent interview with RenewablesNow at the Energy Tech Summit, Simen Valåmo, Kyoto Group's Director of Market Intelligence, shared some valuable insights into the transformative potential of thermal energy storage. He discussed Heatcube, our proprietary solution, and explained how this technology is set to revolutionize the decarbonization of industrial heat production.

As industries worldwide strive to reduce their carbon footprint, understanding the implementation of technologies like Heatcube is crucial. Discover how we're addressing some of the most pressing energy challenges today!

Read the full interview with Simen

Did you miss Simen's session “Adaptive Energy Infrastructure: Strengthening Our Response to Climate and Energy Challenges” at the Energy Tech Summit in Bilbao?

Watch the recording here



EU-funded I-UPS project launch: pioneering decarbonized heat with a one-of-a-kind heat pump

We've kicked off the EU-funded I-UPS project at Kyoto HQ, aimed at revolutionizing industrial heating with a high temperature heat pump capable of delivering up to 400°C.

See how we're transforming industrial energy use. Follow the link to read more.

Find out more about the EU project


May Events

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Kyoto at Innovation Zero

We had an inspiring and insightful time at the Innovation Zero event in London! The conference brought together brilliant minds and cutting-edge technologies dedicated to advancing sustainability and clean energy.

We were thrilled to take part in the Industrial Forum "Reducing process and operational emissions" panel and connect with industry leaders, exchange innovative ideas, and explore new opportunities for collaboration. A big thank you to all the participants and organizers for making this event a tremendous success. Let’s continue driving forward the vision of a zero-carbon future!

Watch the panel discussion here



Future cleantech festival 2024

Kyoto went to Germany for Future CleanTech Festival!

Our CTO Bjarke Buchbjerg was speaking in 'The Future Energy Systems' chapter to address how we can produce electricity more flexibly in a session co-organized with IRENA, as well as “How to Store Energy? – Requirements, Solutions and Barriers to Scale Seasonal Storage”, together with the European Innovation Council. The third session was a policy roundtable focused on potential solutions and market mechanisms to incentivize energy storage and flexible clean energy generation (24/7 clean PPAs, CfDs, etc.).

Read more on the event



Ukrainian Energy Transition Forum 2024

Kyoto also went to London for the 2nd annual Ukrainian Energy Transition Forum.

Our CCO Tim de Haas took part in the session "Rebuilding And Modernising Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure Using The Latest Global Technologies" and panel discussion on "Developing distributed generation to stimulate renewable growth, energy storage systems and microgrids" section.

Read more on the event

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