Norbis Park Heatcube

A long duration thermal energy storage project in Denmark

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Project background

Igniting a green revolution with cutting-edge Thermal Energy Storage technology in Denmark

Kyoto signed its inaugural commercial contract and the first demonstration project for Heatcube thermal battery solution under a battery leasing (BaaS) arrangement with Aalborg Forsyning in Denmark. This agreement entails Heatcube becoming an integral part of Norbis Park (formerly known as Nordjyllandsværket) and Aalborg Forsynings' initiative to introduce and test clean energy technologies, with a long-term perspective aimed at phasing out coal. Within the confines of Norbis Park, Heatcube will take on one of the roles of replacing district heating, which is currently generated using coal, with a renewable electricity-powered district heating system, thereby ensuring a reduction in the carbon footprint.

In addition to its role in replacing CO2 emissions, Heatcube will present Aalborg Forsyning with the opportunity to utilize Heatcube within the flexible reserve market. Leveraging its rapid charging reaction time, Heatcube will assume an active role in the flexible reserve market, thereby maximizing the value of its installation for the benefit of the district heating consumers in and around the city of Aalborg. This multifaceted approach is set to revolutionize energy dynamics and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Kyoto Group's thermal battery is a low-cost, high-capacity modular solution for thermal energy storage, employing molten salt heated by multiple renewable energy sources to over 415 degrees Celsius. Currently, molten salt is the most mature technology for thermal storage at high temperatures. It is the second most used medium for high temperature thermal storage after water and direct saturated steam, without the risks and costs associated with highly pressurized steam vessels. The molten salt's non-toxic and non-flammable properties make it a viable and safe green energy solution.




Manufactured in Spain

The thermal battery was manufactured in Spain, shipped to Denmark, and then assembled on site.

Custom Configuration

Norbis Park Heatcube is configured with 18 MWh of storage capacity and with a discharge load of 4 MW.

Electrical energy

Heatcube energy for Aalborg is electricity sourced from the grid.

The Contract

Heatcube under a battery leasing (BaaS) arrangement with Aalborg Forsyning


Norbis Park Heatcube facts and figures

18 MWh
storage capacity
4 MW
discharge capacity
150 t
Yara molten salt
charge capacity
up to 2000* t
annual CO2 reduction
houses powered annually
* Based on standard efficiency and CO2e factors for coal fired CHP
Project Deployment Overview

Project installation

From concept to installation at Norbis Park

The specific Heatcube unit installed at Norbis Park is designed with storage capacity of up to 18 MWh, a 5MW charge capacity and a discharge load of 4 MW. The majority of the major components were manufactured in Spain and were subsequently delivered on-site within 20-feet containers, fully primed for seamless integration.

The project encompassed a comprehensive spectrum, encompassing the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of foundational elements such as the electrical heaters, storage containers, circulation system, steam generator for the district heating system, transformers, and control system.


Heart of molten-salt

During operation, the high-temperature molten salt flows into insulated thermal storage tanks. The salt remains liquid throughout the plant's operating cycle and is transferred to a steam generator when needed. Afterwards, it is channeled to a heat exchanger, producing hot water for industrial applications, and in the case of Norbis Park, serving as an input for district heating systems.

Molten salts are an ideal medium for thermal energy storage, possessing high volumetric heat capacities. This means they can store a substantial amount of heat while occupying minimal physical space, making them easy to transport. Furthermore, being a mature and commercially proven technology, they are also cost-efficient and competitive with today's energy prices.

Kyoto Group firmly believes in the use of molten salts as the preferred heat transfer and storage medium for Heatcube. Molten salts suitability for storing and deploying a stable load of heat on demand, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and excellent heat capacity relative to the required volume and size of the tanks make them an optimal choice.

Our partners

The development and execution of the entire project materialized through a tightly-knit partnership with Norbis Park. Their active involvement during the installation and commissioning phases played a pivotal role in ensuring the rapid and seamless commissioning of Heatcube. Throughout the project's duration, Kyoto Group has fostered a close collaboration with some of the foremost experts in molten salt technologies. Key contributors including Aalborg CSP, Vulcanic, Yara, Contratos y Diseños Industriales (CyD), RPOW, Thermon and Høglund have been indispensable in the intricate design and installation of Heatcube at Norbis Park. Kyoto Group seizes this opportunity to extend heartfelt appreciation to all of our esteemed key suppliers.

The installed Heatcube at Norbis Park signifies a monumental potential for Kyoto Group. This installation stands as a substantial platform for further technology testing, and we are fully committed to leveraging this unique opportunity provided by the facilities at Norbis Park. 

CAPTION: Norbis Park Timelaps in Denmark.
CAPTION: Norbis Park Heatcube in Denmark.

CAPTION: Søren Gais Kjeldsen, CEO of Aalborg Utilities on how our Heatcube is revolutionizing renewable energy at Norbis Park.


The first Heatcube journey

From agreement in late 2021 to handover in the summer of 2023.

Our project partners for Norbis Park Heatcube

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